Very Sorry But This Report is Sold Out

“Get Links To 20 (+5) Ready-Made Blogs To Put Your Backlinks On! You Don’t Even Have To Build The Blogs!”

“Write Your Own Blog Posts With Relevant Content & DoFollow Anchor Links on Auto-Approved Educational Blogs!”

“These Are The Easiest, Fastest, Relevant Anchor Links You Will Ever Get!”

“Just Copy & Paste Your Content onto the blog, Or Write A New Post And You’re Done!”

Dear Warrior,

What I have for you today is a brand new report I just finished on June 26, 2012. I have never sold this report before today. In it is a list of  blogs on educational sites where you will be able to post your own relevant content and build relevant, DoFollow anchor links. There is no moderator on these blogs and your posts will NOT have to be approved before being posted to the blog.

This report contains a list of 20 blogs PLUS 5 Bonus blogs for a total of 25 blogs. The Bonus blogs are just in case any of the first 20 blogs stop working. I hand-picked these blogs so that they are all different domains and IP addresses. They are from many different countries, such as the U.S., Australia, France, Italy, South Korea and Germany. You’re going to give Google what they want in a backlink: links from multiple different authority sites, countries and IP addresses.

It doesn’t get any easier than this to get fast, free backlinks on educational sites. These are all educational authority sites so your backlinks will be from sites with thousands of pages and thousands of backlinks. The homepages of these sites range from PR2 to PR8 with the majority of the sites being PR4. I even checked the age of each site. Your links will mostly be on well-aged sites with the range from 2 years all the way up to 16 years! 15 of the sites are 8 years old or older.

You DO NOT even have to create an account or login at any of these sites! You just make a post and move on to the next blog. Wash, rinse & repeat until you have a post on all 25 blogs. You can do this as often as you want, for as many sites as you want, with as many backlinks in each post as you want. You can EASILY place 20 posts a day with say, 5 backlinks per post and get 100 backlinks EVERY DAY!

This is all you have to do:

  1. go to the first blog

  2. open up the title creation box

  3. write the title

  4. open up the WYSIWYG post editor

  5. paste in your article

  6. check article to make sure your anchor links are there correctly

  7. submit the post to the blog

  8. double-check the post to make sure your anchor links are live and correct

  9. edit the post if there is a problem

  10. go to the next blog and repeat steps 2-9

The blog post pages with your links on them are VERY easy to get indexed. I know this from tracking the hundreds of blog posts I’ve made. I track them in a spreadsheet and check every day or two to see if the pages have been indexed. They usually get indexed in Google within a day or two just by pinging them. I have a 90% rate of indexing out of hundreds of posts. These blogs get a lot of posts and I suspect that they also get pinged by other posters and that’s why Google crawls and indexes these blogs so often.

What You Will Get in This Package

There are 3 parts to this package:

1)  My new 5-page report with the 25 links to the blogs you will be using.

2)  A second report I wrote in January with all the instructions on how to use these blogs. The report is 30-pages long with about 7,000 words and 23 screenshots. What I’ve done is I’ve created a blog post at one of the blogs in the report and I took screenshots of every step I took. I explained exactly what I did in each step of the posting process so this is a true, step-by-step instructional manual so you can copy what I did.

3)  I have also included the exact link-tracking spreadsheets that I use to track all my posts. I have example links in it so you can see how I do this. The spreadsheets are in both Open Office and MS Excel so you have your choice of which format to use.

Take a look at my Table of Contents so you can get a better idea of what’s in the “Instructions” report:

Table of Contents

 Very Important Points      4

 Introduction      5

Short Version of the Process      6

How I Use These Sites      6

Create Your Articles      7

How To Write A SEO Optimized Article      8

How To Create Your Anchor Links      10

Post Your Article on the Blog      11

Index Your Backlinks      21

Advanced Indexing and Pinging      22

Keep Records and Track all Your Work      26

The “Best” Backlinks After the Panda Update?       27

Conclusion      29

Here Are The 10 Sites + 5 Bonus Sites      30

Ok, that’s pretty much it. You’ll get 20 (+5) unique blogs. You can make 20 (or more) posts and get 100 (or more)  high-authority, relevant content, indexed, DoFollow anchor links any time you want.

The sale price is only $10.00 and it’s only a 1-time investment.

There are no upsells or One-Time Offers. Payment will be through my PayPal account via e-Junkie, my shopping cart. The link to the Zip file will be automatically emailed to you from my account. No waiting! Only $10.00!


I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with this report or you just send me an email and I will refund your money with no questions asked. This is a 30-Day Guarantee.

Ordering & Delivery

To order, just click on the “Order Now” button below. That will take you to my e-Junkie Shopping Cart where you confirm your order and purchase with your PayPal account. Then check your email for the “Thank You” email from me which will come from e-Junkie.


Thank you very much,

Daniel “Daddyoh” Tierney




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