TOP SECRET DoFollow PR5 .EDU Page For Your Anchor Links

Very Sorry But This Report Is Sold Out



Fair warning here: I’m only selling 10 copies of this report so read this carefully so you can make an informed choice.

ONLY 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 COPIES LEFT

I’m revealing a PR5 .edu page where you can create your own content and get Dofollow, indexed anchor links on a publicly viewable page. That means that Google has access to the page. Google is re-indexing this page every 4 days. I know this for a fact because I check it every day.

I found this page by reverse-engineering the backlinks of a #1 ranked website in a very competitive niche.

I went to the page in this sites backlink profile and I couldn’t believe what I saw! It was a PR5 .edu page with Dofollow anchor links!

So I tested it out and got myself some backlinks, did some indexing on the page, waited a few days and sure enough, this already indexed page got re-indexed in Google.

Basically, what I did was create a user account, verify my email address when they sent me the verification email, login to the site and use the WYSIWYG comment editor to post my comment and create my anchor links. I submitted my comment and it went live on the site immediately, without moderation, right on the PR5 page.

The homepage of the site is a super-powerful, 15-year old PR8 U.S. University. The subdomain page that leads to the secret PR5 page that you’re going to comment on is also a PR8 page! The sub-subdomain page that is one-step away from the PR5 page is a PR6 page.

There’s not really much more I can tell you. It’s so easy to use this site that the report is only 7 pages long with a few screenshots to help explain the step-by-step commenting instructions. It’s not a blog that you’ll be commenting on. It’s something very different. I don’t even know how to explain what it is because I’ve never seen anything like this before.

The name of the report is simply Top Secret PR5 .edu Backlink Page”. I won’t be selling this on the WSO Forum.  It’s a Top-Secret report only for members of my list. I don’t even want a publicly viewable sales letter out there for this.

This is the only sales letter for this report right now. In addition, this is a limited edition report meaning I’m only releasing 10 copies of the report. I just can’t have too many people posting on this page. I’m sure you can understand and respect that.

Since I have no idea how much a PR5 .edu link is worth, let alone multiple PR5 .edu links waiting for you at this site, I did some research.

This site is RENTING PR5 .edu links at the rate of ONE link for $465.00 a YEAR! That’s a little less than $40.00 a month for ONE .edu backlink!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to charge anywhere near that, even though I’m sure that they’re worth it. And I can’t rent links here because it’s not my site.

How much would multiple, DoFollow, PR5 .edu anchor links be worth to you? I was honestly thinking about selling this report for $97.00 but I thought thatwas too much. Then I thought that $47.00 would be fair, but I thought that was too much too. So I chopped off another $10.00 and settled on $37.00.

It’s uploaded to my E-Junkie account and ready for instant download in a small .Zip file. E-Junkie takes PayPal payments so you can use your PayPalaccount or a credit card quickly and securely.

As soon as 10 copies are gone I will close down the E-Junkie shopping cart so if there’s no shopping cart, the sale is over and I apologize in advance to those of you who will miss this but I just can’t release more than 10 copies.

Refund Policy? If you honestly think this report or this site is not worth the$37.00 that you paid for it, just send me a request for a refund and I’ll honor it and take care of you. I’m not out to rip anybody off so don’t worry about it. If you already know about this site (which I guarantee that you wont’), I’ll refund your payment too, but I’m not worried about that happening. Just be honest with me and I’ll take care of you, ok?

Thank you and I wish you all the best of everything,

Daniel “Daddyoh” Tierney




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2 responses to “TOP SECRET DoFollow PR5 .EDU Page For Your Anchor Links

  1. A question, PR5 .edu links?
    yet your page was was on page 8 of my google search for the title of you post.
    is that odd?

    • findahotniche

      Hi Dean, I didn’t use the PR5 .edu link on this site. In fact, I don’t recall doing any backlinking on this site.
      My goal is not to get search engine traffic but to keep it semi-private and share it with who I choose.

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