Private EDU Blog Report #5






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“These Are The Easiest, Fastest, DoFollow Anchor Links You Will Ever Get On An EDU Blog!”

“Just Copy & Paste Your Content, Or Write A Post, Then Add Your Backlinks, And You’re Done!”

Hello Warriors,

I have a new report for you that I just finished today, July 1, 2011. This is a new type of Edu blog for me and I will bet you don’t know about it either. This is an Edu blog where you do not even have to create an account or register to use it or even create the blog. The name of the game here is S-P-E-E-D! All you have to do is add a post to the main blog page that everyone else is using, add your Dofollow anchor links and submit it.

Your post will instantly appear at the top of the blog page without any moderation! As fast as you can copy and paste or write an article and easily format your anchor links, you will have some new backlinks! You don’t even have to do anything to get your post or the blog indexed because it gets indexed by Google every day.

I suspect that some of the other writers here are doing some indexing work or that Google likes this blog so much that the Google Bot keeps coming back on it’s own. At any rate, all you have to do is post and go. You can post as many articles and backlinks as you want here, as often as you want.

I’ve written a short, short, 3-page report for you. This site is so easy to use, it only took me 3 pages to show you how to use it. You will get all the necessary links you need to get started. You will get a link to my post that got indexed in less than 24-hours. You will get two screenshots that show you how to format you anchor link so you won’t have to figure it out on your own like I had to. 

This is another one of my Private reports that is only being offered to my subscribers list. I am revealing everything I have learned from my research and my testing at the site. I DO NOT want this getting out on the WSO forum or to the general public. Thus, this is a Limited Edition release. I am limiting it to the first 20 copies sold. I honestly don’t expect this blog to be shut down from 20 more people posting articles here.

I say this based on my intuition, my experiences with sites like this and on going through this site with a fine-tooth comb to learn everything I could about it.  I have found 972 posts here so this site has obviously been around awhile. If you buy this report, you need to read it right away and blast some articles and backlinks immediately! However, with 972 posts already on the blog and it is still going strong, I do not see this blog getting shut down.

But to ease your worries about this possibility, if the blog does get shut down within 30 days of the day you order my report, I will send you a replacement site and report, free of charge. In addition, if you don’t feel this report or the site was worth your small investment, you just send me an email at the email address in the report, tell me you want a refund and I’ll head over to PayPal and refund you right away. Take 30-Days to decide if you got your money’s worth or not.

How Much Is It?

Your total investment for this report, for what will probably be the fastest DoFollow, anchor text, indexed, Edu backlinks you have ever gotten is only $14.95. Plus, you won’t have to wait for me to send it to you via email. I have it set up at my E-Junkie account which is attached to my PayPal account. So you are going to get near-instant delivery to your PayPal email address right after E-Junkie and PayPal complete their payment-verification thing. Only 20 copies will be sold at this time so get it while you can:




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3 responses to “Private EDU Blog Report #5


    Hi Dan,

    You don’t mention the PR of the blog.


  2. findahotniche

    Hi Simon,

    The Homepage of this site is PR6 and the blog has no PR.
    The site is 9-years old, btw.



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