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Get DoFollow Backlinks From A PR8 U.S. Military Site!

I’ve got a brand new, limited-edition, special report on how to get DoFollow backlinks from the most powerful authority site I have ever found!

I am offering a few action-takers, a copy of my never-before-released PDF report on a site where YOU too will get DoFollow .Mil backlinks!

Get A Slice Of The “Natural Link” Pie

Number of copies remaining: 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15

BONUS just added today, May 8th!!! I got bored yesterday so I started looking for .Mil blogs where I could post comments and grab some backlinks. I found a bunch of them! I added 10 U.S. .Mil blogs to the end of my report for those of you who want some extra .Mil backlinks! There are 10 clickable links to .Mil blogs where other people have gotten some backlinks so you can see how they did it. I put instructions and screenshots on how to comment on .Mil blogs in the Bonus section. So now you can get backlinks from the site in the main report PLUS some Bonus .Mil blog comment backlinks!

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen of the Warrior Forum,

Have you ever tried to get a backlink from a .Mil website? If so, were you successful? Was it a DoFollow Backlink? I’ll bet that your answer is “no”.

I don’t know what your results were but I’ve never found a .Mil site where I could get a DoFollow backlink from…Until Now! I HAVE found a few .Mil blogs where I was able to place a backlink in a blog comment but they were all NoFollow links. I’ve spent about 40-50 hours looking at .Mil sites and trying to get a DoFollow backlink, but with no success. In my research, I have found that ALL backlinks from .Mil blogs are NoFollow and most comments are moderated before they are allowed to be posted. In short, trying to get backlinks from .Mil sites is a nightmare!!!

However…I have now successfully broken through that .Mil NoFollow barrier and gotten myself a DoFollow backlink on a .Mil website!!! Actually, I got two DoFollow backlinks on this site. They are NOT anchor links, but at least they are DoFollow links. You will NOT get an anchor link at this site. They are regular links like,  http://www.regularlink.com.   Nevertheless, they are DoFollow backlinks and that’s what really matters!

This Site Is A Big-Time Authority Site

Your backlink will be on a powerhouse of an authority site! The homepage of the site is a PR8 page. According to a Yahoo Site Explorer backlinks check, it has 2 million total backlinks, 65,000 Edu backlinks, 9,000 ac.uk backlinks, 115,000 Gov backlinks and 64,000 Mil backlinks. It also has 923,000 pages indexed in Yahoo, 484,000 pages indexed in Google, has multiple listings in the Yahoo Directory and the Best of the Web Directory and last but not least, has an Alexa traffic ranking of 6,000, which means it is in the top 6,000 sites in terms of traffic.

A DoFollow backlink from this site is like getting a backlink from the God of Backlinks himself!

What’s So Great About .Mil Backlinks?

  • Number 1 authority backlinks for google
  • Boost your sites’ domain authority
  • Every time the Google robot or a search engine bot comes across your link as it is a Do-Follow link, it will go to your site and start indexing your new pages, your updated content etc.
  • Do-Follow links get the benefit of building your quality score
  • 100% white hat SEO links – This site allows you to place your backlink there
  • Get backlinks close to relevant website content. This is the best way to build links
  • Your link will be on an authority site, not on a link farm
  • MIL Backlinks are essential for SEO link building
  • One of your backlinks will be the only link on the page

MIL Link building should be a critical part of your search engine optimization process. Without high-quality relevant links, your website will have a tougher time of ranking in the top positions in Google for high traffic, competitive keywords. So the more relevant and high quality backlinks your website has, the higher your site will appear in the search engines. Don’t worry about this link not being an anchor link. Google doesn’t like to see all of your links being anchor links anyway. It doesn’t look “natural”. You should have some non-anchor link backlinks in your link profile.

What’s In The Report

I just finished this 16-page, 4,100-word report with 9 screenshots on May 5, 2011. It reveals everything I learned about this site and shows you how to set yourself up with two DoFollow backlinks (per site) and get the pages they are on, indexed in Google. It’s very easy to do this too. It took me only 7 minutes to get my backlinks. I know because I timed myself. I got my backlinks there on April 17, 2011 and they are still there. In fact, it is VERY much unlikely that you or I will lose our backlinks. You’ll see why when you see where your link will be. It’s not a blog, wiki, guestbook or a discussion forum. It’s something totally different.

Plus, there’s no waiting time for your link to be moderated or approved. Mine was automatically and instantly accepted and went live right away. Yours will too. Plus, you will be able to write some content about the page you are sending the backlink to, thus making your link a relevant backlink. Plus, one of your backlinks will be the ONLY backlink on the page, thus giving you maximun link juice!

In this report, you’re going to see where I placed my backlinks, all the other backlinks on the site and you will get my own personal, successful backlink indexing system that I use for all my most important backlinks. It took 15 days for my main backlink to get indexed in Google but it did get indexed. It may or may not take 15 days for your link to get indexed. There’s no way to know this. At any rate, I’ll show you proof of indexing in Google and how to check to see when your own backlinks get indexed.

I have fully tested this site and have deemed it a success. I got my backlinks here and you will too. As soon as my links got indexed, I wrote this report.

Incidentally, you will be able to get 2 backlinks at this site for each site you own. So, the more sites you own, the more backlinks you will get.

About Your Investment

This report is not available anywhere else except here and is restricted to the first 25 people that order it. I may release more copies next month but I don’t want this site flooded with hundreds of people hitting it all at once. Just as with my previous limited edition reports, notice of this sale has gone out to over 3,000 folks on my “Previous Buyers” list and I don’t expect it to last very long.

While trying to decide how much to offer this report for, I did some research to see how much other people are selling .Mil backlinks for. I could only find 1 site on the entire www that sells .Mil backlinks. I’ll show it to you in a second but take a guess on how much they are selling 1 .Mil backlink for? If you said “$200.00”, congratulations! You guessed correctly!

How Much Are .Mil Links Selling For?

Here’s the site that’s selling .Mil links for $200.00 each: http://www.advertisingph.com/buy-mil-backlinks-for-sale/. It says that it’s a DoFollow link but it doesn’t say if it’s from a U.S. Military site or if it’s an anchor link or where on the site it will be or if you can add relevant content like on the site I found. If you read this sales letter, you’ll know a lot more about what you’ll be getting than this other site is telling you.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to charge you $200.00 for a .Mil backlink, even though my link will probably be of a higher quality than his. I was thinking of a price that was 50% less than his, or $100.00. I think that a price of 50% lower would be more than fair, especially since once you knew where to get this link you would be able to get as many backlinks as you have sites that need backlinks. Just think about it…If you paid $100.00 for this report and have 5 sites that need a .Mil backlink, each link is going to cost you only $20.00!!! That’s 1/10th of what the other guy charges! If you have 10 or 20 sites and you paid $100.00 for this report, you’d be getting your .Mil links for only $5.00 to $10.00 each! Holy smokes!

Good Thing I’m A Reasonable Man

So, after much soul-searching, here’s what I’ve decided to do: I’m going to sell this report for only $47.00 but only for the first 25 people that order it. This is only one-third the price that the other guy is selling ONE backlink for.


I have a fair but conditional money-back guarantee on this report.
I guarantee that you will get at least 1 DoFollow link at this site
and it will be good for at least 30-days.

There will be no refund if you get your backlink deleted
due to reasons beyond my control. You will have to start over
again and create a new backlink. I will be happy to consult with
you  in regards to this report.  My email address inside the report.

You will also get a refund if by chance you already know about
this site and can prove it to me by showing me your backlink(s).

To Order

To order, just click on the link below. The link goes to my PayPal account where you can use your own PayPal account or a credit card to purchase this report. I don’t want any download link floating all around the internet so I will be delivering the report to your PayPal email address as the orders come in. If you want me to use a different email address, make sure to note that in PayPal where it says something like “Special Instructions To Seller”. I will be delivering reports between 9 AM and 9 PM Oregon time (PST) . My timezone is GMT-7.     Only $47.00  Right Here:

PS: Comments are open if you have a question.


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